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MYC Social Events

5/11/19, 6:00 pm
Spring Banquet
Dave & Lori Gorwitz

6/15/19, 6:00 pm
Payton Potluck
Maple Bluff Beach

6/16/19, 3:00 pm
Payton Regatta Awards
Burrows Park

7/07/19, 1:00 pm
Wendy's Bloody Mary Party

8/04/19, 12:00 pm
Victory Day Party
Between Race Party at Burrows Park

8/21/19, 8:00 pm
After Race Pizza Party
Liz and Todd Tiefenthaler

9/01/19, 1:00 pm
Hot Dog Fest
Don and Beth Anderson

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Saturday, May 11, 2019, at 6 p.m.
The home of Dave and Lori Gorwitz
944 Hidden Cave Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53717
$25 each per adult
Kids are free

Please join your fellow sailors in celebrating the start of the 2019 sailing season at the MYC Spring Banquet. The Social Committee and Dave Gorwitz have lined up a fantastic evening including:

  • A tapas-style menu of hot and cold seafoods, veggies, meats, cheeses, breads, and salads.
  • Hot dogs and burgers for the kids.
  • Specialty cheese provided by the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (courtesy of Su Fanning).
  • Wine donated by Neider and Boucher, S.C.
  • Craft beer donated by Clarke Sugar.
  • A wine tasting by David Breen (lined up by Commodore Ron).
  • Ice cream donated by Schoep’s (courtesy of Tom Stitgen).
  • Su Fanning’s delicious nautical cookies.
  • Entertainment by Milwaukee cocktail pianist Judy Bowen

If the weather is nice, the party will be both in and outside. There is plenty for the kids to do including a game room in the lower level of the house and an outdoor BBQ pit for roasting marshmallows.

Let’s make this a successful kick-off to the 2019 season!

Banquet Sign-up

Don't forget to register for the 2019 season!

The flood waters are abating, we are looking forward to a great season this year!

Remember to register for this seasons racing. If you sign up by April 24th, you'll be in the directory! (you'll also get a discount)

Meet Ron Curio, Your 2019 Commodore.

Meet Ron Curio, Your 2019 Commodore.

It is fortuitous that Ron Curio, a man who has loved and studied wind and weather all his life, would become commodore of the Mendota Yacht Club.

Ron started sailing at Hoofers in 1965 when he came to UW as an undergraduate in meteorology. When he wasn’t at Science Hall learning about weather and atmosphere, he would immerse himself in the weather while sailing at Hoofers. He never felt guilty about the time he spent on Tech Dinghies and Interlakes because he felt like he was working on his major.

Once he got his BA in Meteorology, he moved to Washington DC to work with the National Meteorological Center. His main job there was to plot maps by hand. It didn’t take him long to discover sailing on the Potomac, where he sailed on a Dragon, a boat similar to a Lightning.

In 1970, he moved to Chicago to work for the weather bureau. Not wanting to be far from the water, he took up residence in Chicago’s Lincoln Park near Lake Michigan. Since it was early in his career, he couldn’t afford Chicago’s pricey yacht club market, so he joined the American Youth Hostel. As a member of AYH, he sailed a Rhodes 19 on Lake Michigan. It wasn’t long until he started teaching sailing to other hostel members, and this enabled him to sail for free.

It was during a dryland weather lecture for classes preparing to sail that he met his future wife, Kathryn, a Nursing student at the University of Illinois. They didn’t “connect” immediately, but later when Ron led a Youth Hostel trip to Door County, Ron and Kathryn hit it off. They were married in March, 1974, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and began sailing together on a Rhodes 19. On the day Nixon resigned in August of 1974 they bought their own Rhodes. They loved sailing together. Kathryn was awesome on the spinnaker, and in 1985, just before they moved to Madison, after their second child was born, Ron and Kathryn won the Rhodes 19 fleet championship.

Before moving to Madison, Ron began his search for a new boat. He contacted Mendota Yacht Club to learn which fleets sailed in the club and settled on the M-20. He purchased one before moving to Madison even though he knew nothing about scows. The boat suited him, but as the fleet slowly dwindled, Ron found himself on a boat without a fleet. He learned of an MC fleet in Pewaukee and started commuting to bi-weekly races. He was thrilled when he discovered that an MC fleet was taking root on Lake Mendota and came back to sail with the MYC.

Ron has several goals as Commodore of MYC. First and most important, he wants the club to have a fun and successful sailing year. He is hoping to improve club communications, something that is a challenge in a decentralized club without a central boat house. He feels this can be done by making the MYC website our “virtual” club house. He’s hoping the website can become the “go to” place for members when they want to learn what is happening in the club. Finally, Ron would also like to enhance coordination with Hoofers and the Madison Youth Sailing Foundation. He is hoping to organize at least one event with these clubs this year.

If You Can’t be in the Tropics, Pretend You Are

Unless you were vacationing in Playa del Carmen this past week-end, the place to be on Saturday night was the Four Lakes Yacht Club where roughly 65 boaters from four different ...


Frost quakes are popping and booming on roofs, decks, and the lakes. The young (and young at heart) are ice skating on driveways and sidewalks. Winter sailors are scurrying around looking for the smoothest and fastest ice. With all this cold-weather activity, it’s hard to think about summer sailing. But that’s exactly what Linda Baumann, MYC’s 2019 Social Chair, has been doing. She has assembled a slate of social events that will match the year’s sailing and racing for fun and excitement.

Thaw out at the Tropical Party!

***Tropical Party***
By 4LYC, MYC, LMSC, 4LIYC, Madison Kiteboard, and

Sat. Feb. 23rd
6pm Drinks, 7pm Buffet Dinner
Breakwater Restaurant
6308 Metropolitan Lane, Monona

$20 & Cash Bar (Advanced Purchase Required) To help the cook shop, please RSVP by Feb. 16th