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MYC Social Events

6/16/18, 6:00 pm
Payton Potluck
Maple Bluff Beach

6/17/18, 3:00 pm
Payton Regatta Awards
Burrows Park

7/01/18, 1:00 pm
Wendy's Bloody Mary Party

8/05/18, 12:00 pm
Victory Day Party
Between Race Party at Burrows Park

9/12/18, 6:00 pm
MYC Business Meeting
Essen Haus

10/26/18, 6:00 pm
Commodore's Banquet

And so it begins...

The 2018 season began with a slow start on Saturday due to very light winds. Aria, Plausable Deniability and Veloce sauntered out for the opening race with Aria getting the first gun of the season. Race 2 was abandoned after the breeze shut off.
The wind cooperated (to some degree) on Sunday and we saw the debut of the 3 boat Tartan Ten fleet from Hoofers! Veloce and Aria traded the lead all day long in some intensely competitive racing and each ended the day with a win. I'm officially renaming Plausable Deniability to "Horizon" for good reason!
We are looking forward to a great and busy weekend of racing for the Memorial day weekend.

A special thank you goes out to to Dave Elsmo and team for the job they did cleaning on RC-1. The hull looks like it's right out of the showroom.
What a great way to start the season!

Bill Ward’s Legacy Lives On

Bill Shelton was the main caretaker for Bill Ward after his accident on RC 1 in 2006. Since Bill Shelton passed away 5 months before Bill Ward, there was a need for someone else to look after Bill Ward’s affairs...

Spring Banquet on May 12th!

Club members and guests celebrated the beginning of summer and the upcoming sailing season with fellow sailors at the 2018 Spring Banquet on May 12th. Commodore Gorwitz has graciously hosted the banquet at his home once again.