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Early Season Update

Due to the current "Safer at Home" edict, the Spring Series and Memorial Day races have been cancelled. The regular season of racing begins on Sunday June 7th.

Coronavirus Infects Spring Sailing Season

The MYC spring social calendar was shaping up to be a fun and exciting beginning to the 2020 sailing season. The social committees of four boating clubs (MYC, Four Lakes Yacht Club, Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club, and Lake Monona Sailing Club) had plans to convene the clubs on March 21 for a March Madness party. And things were looking promising for our Wisconsin Badgers as they were the #1 seed in the Big 10 Tournament. Additionally, Dave and Lori Gorwitz had agreed to host the Spring Banquet in their home once again.

As the social committee finalized the schedule and submitted it to the Board of Directors for approval, news started appearing about a disease outbreak in Wuhan, China. Then it was in Italy and Iran and South Korea. It was only a matter of time before the coronavirus hit our shores in Washington State. As the virus moved throughout the United States, large gatherings started limiting or prohibiting spectators. The Big 10 started its tournament as normal on March 11, but then announced it would hold the rest of the tournament without spectators. The next day, on March 12, before any further games could be played, the entire tournament was cancelled.

In the meantime, the social committee of the Four Lakes Yacht Club weighed the situation and determined it was too risky to hold a large gathering (last year’s Tropical Party had 90 attendees), and cancelled the March Madness party.

The MYC Board and Social Committee remained hopeful that the Spring Banquet could still take place on May 9. But as the virus spread and governors and mayors began announcing shutdowns and limits on the size of events, the Board decided it was time to cancel the banquet. We are hopeful that, as the virus runs its course, we can reschedule a fun event later in the season.

However, the remaining social schedule remains in limbo as there is no clear idea how long the virus and its accompanying restrictions will last. The social schedule is posted on this website as originally planned, and we will keep you informed of the status of each event as the date for it nears.

In the meantime, stay safe and wash your hands!


Celebrate the end of the 2019 sailing season at the MYC Commodore’s Banquet in the beautiful Mantova Room at Porta Bella.

When: Friday, October 25, 2019 Cocktails and conversation at 6 p.m. Dinner and trophy presentation to follow

Porta Bella Italian Restaurant
425 N. Frances Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

$48 each per adult
$17 each per child

The above prices include taxes and gratuities

Choose from the menu options below:

Adult Menu Options

Fettuccine with beef tenderloin and portabella mushrooms in gorgonzola sauce.

Chick parmesan

Peppered shrimp alfredo

Manicotti stuffed with spinach and cheeses

Kid Menu Options
Toasted Ravioli with cheese
Chicken tenders

All entrees will be accompanied with a cranberry and blueberry salad and, for dessert, a celebration cake of the 2019 MYC sailing season. Water and soft drinks are included. Alcohol will be available at a cash bar.

Note: Contact Porta Bella directly at 256-3186 if you have other dietary requests.

Let’s make this a successful end to the 2019 season!

RSVP Here!

Moonlight Race this Wednesday at 8!

Don't forget to sail the Moonlight Race this Wednesday night, August 14th. Please disregard the time listed in the printed directory and be out there to race at 8pm sharp!

Sign up now for the MYC Pizza Party!

Join your fellow MYC sailors for a pizza party after the August 21 race. It will be at the home of Todd and Liz Tiefenthaler, and we will be ordering from Salvatore’s, the best pizza in Madison!

RC-1 is back in service.

Thanks to Scotty Louther, the linkage has been fixed. RC-1 is ready for racing tonight, wind permitting.

RC-1 attacked by nocturnal gremlins!

Upon readying the boat for racing on Sunday morning, it was noticed that the steering was locked. After much study by Team Veloce (Brain, Grant and Dane) and Don Sanford, it was determined that someone forced the steering wheel so hard that the motor was forced past the stop and the linkage was bent like a pretzel.

It is hoped that repairs will be finished in time for the race on Wednesday Evening.

It was Twenty Years ago today...

That Lon Schoor invited 130 E-Boats to come play…

By Don Sanford and Steve Holtzman

It’s the summer of 1997. The camera pans across a lonely stretch of America’s vast interstate highway system somewhere on the vast landscape of Minnesota or Wisconsin. It zooms in on a late-model SUV towing a trailer with a curious object stealthily wrapped in canvas. Above the relentless drone of eight Michelin radials spinning across 12 inches of reinforced concrete we begin to make out the conversation. “If those guys could get eighty boats at their regatta, it’ll be a snap for us to get 100 boats on Mendota…”

Photo gallery!


Please join Mendota Yacht Club with our friends from the Four Lakes (power boat) Yacht Club in Three Foot Bay this Sunday at 3pm. Bring water toys, drinks, and food to share. To find us in the boat zoo, look for a suspended red cylinder over a yellow cone near the back of the bay.


The Mendota Yacht Club Bloody Mary Party is Sunday, July 7 at 1 p.m. at the home of Phyllis Ermer, 29 Harbort Drive. You can park your car in the Burrows Park lot and walk to Phyllis’ house. MYC will provide all the fixin’s for great Bloody Marys and a light lunch. There is no charge for this event.

Payton Potluck Picnic

The Payton Potluck Picnic is Saturday, June 15 at 6 p.m. at the Maple Bluff Beach House, 365 Lakewood Blvd.

Club members will provide the side dishes, and Mendota Yacht Club will provide the steaks, potatoes, and beverages.

Fun at Shorewood Boat House

It was chilly and windy, but about 30 people showed up to enjoy the season’s first after-race party at Shorewood Boat House. More people would have come “by sea” but the waves were tricky and made a water landing at the Boat House impossible. People were smiling and laughing as they told their stories of wins, losses, capsizes, tiller breakage, and failed mark roundings.

Photo gallery!

The MYC Spring Banquet was a big hit!

Early May was a busy time for MYC volunteers and members.

On Saturday, May 4, a group of volunteers assembled at Burrows Park and accomplished a huge checklist...

Photo gallery!

Early May was a busy time for MYC volunteers and members.

Early May was a busy time for MYC volunteers and members.

On Saturday, May 4, a group of volunteers assembled at Burrows Park and accomplished a huge checklist...

Photo gallery!

Mendota Yacht Club is Ready for the Sailing Season

On Sunday, May 5, a group of volunteer Scow sailors got RC-1 ready for race committee work. They accomplished a lot.

  • Thoroughly vacuumed the inside of the boat.
  • Cleaned mold off of the seats.
  • Washed and waxed the hull and the cabin top.
  • Organized supplies.
  • Got her on the lift.

Thanks you very much for getting the WLW into shape for the season!

Photo gallery!

Sign up now for the MYC Spring Banquet

Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 6 p.m. MYC Spring Banquet

Spring has arrived and MYC sailing is just around the corner. Join your fellow MYCers in celebrating the start of the season at the MYC spring banquet.

As in the past several years, the event will be hosted by Dave and Lori Gorwitz at their home. The social committee is busy lining up the menu, but it is certain to be as varied and delicious as it has been in the past. Stay tuned!

The cost is a $25 donation per person and kids are free.

Register here for this event.

Don't forget to register for the 2019 season!

The flood waters are abating, we are looking forward to a great season this year!

Meet Ron Curio, Your 2019 Commodore.

Meet Ron Curio, Your 2019 Commodore.

It is fortuitous that Ron Curio, a man who has loved and studied wind and weather all his life, would become commodore of the Mendota Yacht Club.

Ron started sailing at Hoofers in 1965 when he came to UW as an undergraduate in meteorology. When he wasn’t at Science Hall learning about weather and atmosphere, he would immerse himself in the weather while sailing at Hoofers. He never felt guilty about the time he spent on Tech Dinghies and Interlakes because he felt like he was working on his major.

Once he got his BA in Meteorology, he moved to Washington DC to work with the National Meteorological Center. His main job there was to plot maps by hand. It didn’t take him long to discover sailing on the Potomac, where he sailed on a Dragon, a boat similar to a Lightning.

In 1970, he moved to Chicago to work for the weather bureau. Not wanting to be far from the water, he took up residence in Chicago’s Lincoln Park near Lake Michigan. Since it was early in his career, he couldn’t afford Chicago’s pricey yacht club market, so he joined the American Youth Hostel. As a member of AYH, he sailed a Rhodes 19 on Lake Michigan. It wasn’t long until he started teaching sailing to other hostel members, and this enabled him to sail for free.

It was during a dryland weather lecture for classes preparing to sail that he met his future wife, Kathryn, a Nursing student at the University of Illinois. They didn’t “connect” immediately, but later when Ron led a Youth Hostel trip to Door County, Ron and Kathryn hit it off. They were married in March, 1974, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and began sailing together on a Rhodes 19. On the day Nixon resigned in August of 1974 they bought their own Rhodes. They loved sailing together. Kathryn was awesome on the spinnaker, and in 1985, just before they moved to Madison, after their second child was born, Ron and Kathryn won the Rhodes 19 fleet championship.

Before moving to Madison, Ron began his search for a new boat. He contacted Mendota Yacht Club to learn which fleets sailed in the club and settled on the M-20. He purchased one before moving to Madison even though he knew nothing about scows. The boat suited him, but as the fleet slowly dwindled, Ron found himself on a boat without a fleet. He learned of an MC fleet in Pewaukee and started commuting to bi-weekly races. He was thrilled when he discovered that an MC fleet was taking root on Lake Mendota and came back to sail with the MYC.

Ron has several goals as Commodore of MYC. First and most important, he wants the club to have a fun and successful sailing year. He is hoping to improve club communications, something that is a challenge in a decentralized club without a central boat house. He feels this can be done by making the MYC website our “virtual” club house. He’s hoping the website can become the “go to” place for members when they want to learn what is happening in the club. Finally, Ron would also like to enhance coordination with Hoofers and the Madison Youth Sailing Foundation. He is hoping to organize at least one event with these clubs this year.

If You Can’t be in the Tropics, Pretend You Are

Unless you were vacationing in Playa del Carmen this past week-end, the place to be on Saturday night was the Four Lakes Yacht Club where roughly 65 boaters from four different ...


Frost quakes are popping and booming on roofs, decks, and the lakes. The young (and young at heart) are ice skating on driveways and sidewalks. Winter sailors are scurrying around looking for the smoothest and fastest ice. With all this cold-weather activity, it’s hard to think about summer sailing. But that’s exactly what Linda Baumann, MYC’s 2019 Social Chair, has been doing. She has assembled a slate of social events that will match the year’s sailing and racing for fun and excitement.

Thaw out at the Tropical Party!

***Tropical Party***
By 4LYC, MYC, LMSC, 4LIYC, Madison Kiteboard, and

Sat. Feb. 23rd
6pm Drinks, 7pm Buffet Dinner
Breakwater Restaurant
6308 Metropolitan Lane, Monona

$20 & Cash Bar (Advanced Purchase Required) To help the cook shop, please RSVP by Feb. 16th

Flood information meetings!

***Tropical Party***
By 4LYC, MYC, LMSC, 4LIYC, Madison Kiteboard, and

Sat. Feb. 23rd
6pm Drinks, 7pm Buffet Dinner
Breakwater Restaurant
6308 Metropolitan Lane, Monona

$20 & Cash Bar (Advanced Purchase Required) To help the cook shop, please RSVP by Feb. 16th

Thousand-Year Flood Dominates MYC Trophies

On October 26, around 50 sailors and their families gathered at the Essen Haus to celebrate the 2018 sailing season. In spite of the shortened racing season, spirits were high as people shared sailing stories along with the family-style dinner.

2018 Commodore’s Banquet!

WHEN: Friday, October 26, 2018 TIME: 6 p.m. Cocktails at the Bar and Hors D’Oeuvres 7 p.m. Dinner 8 p.m. Awards 8:30 p.m. Polka Band! WHERE: Essen Haus

The Annual Membership Meeting is coming! Bring your trophies!

The upcoming Annual Membership Meeting is on Wed. Sep. 12 at 6 p.m.

People gather for drinks and/or dinner on their own at 6… meeting starts promptly at 7.

The plan is to have the meeting at the Essen Haus as has been customary. We will make an announcement if that changes.

Please return trophies at the Annual Membership Meeting. If you can’t attend (or can’t get a crew member to drop the trophies off at the meeting for you), then you must drop your trophies off at the Commodores house between now and Sunday, Sep. 16 – at the LATEST.

Message from the Commodore regarding the season.

Dear MYC Sailors,

I wanted to provide you all with an update on the status of MYC racing.

As a result of the recent and unprecedented rainfall, Lake Mendota is subject to an indefinite slow-no-wake restriction. The high water has also compelled us to haul RC1 and RC2 out of the water. Maple Bluff Marina, where we keep RC1, is officially closed for the season; the docks and boatlifts have been removed and will not be reinstalled this season. We considered moving RC1 to Skipper Buds or one of the other marinas, but even if we were to have done so it would not have been practical for our race officer to get to and from the racing area at 5 mph, besides, our committee boats do not have bottom paint – that would have made for a huge mess had we left them in the water.

Most of the docks on Lake Mendota, including those at Burrows Park, have been pulled out. Even if Burrows were usable, the MYC scow racing season would have ended on Labor Day anyway. While many of you with keelboats on moorings still have your boats in the water, your competitors who keep their boats on lifts have had to pull their boats.

It is extremely unlikely that the slow-no-wake restrictions will be lifted anytime soon. As long as the restrictions are in place, holding further club races is, regrettably, unfeasible. Should the no-wake restriction be lifted, we will reevaluate whether to hold any fall-series keelboat races.

Fall is one of the best times to get out on the lake. Lake Mendota is open for sailing. If you are lucky enough to have your boat in the water, enjoy! Sadly, mother nature has dictated that our 2018 racing season is likely complete.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Annual Membership Meeting and the Fall Banquet. Check the MYC website for updates.

David M. Gorwitz
MYC Commodore

All MYC racing is suspended until further notice.

No racing at least until the slow no wake restriction is lifted. Also note that we have had to haul RC1 out that and her home, Maple Bluff Marina, is closed for the rest of the year.

It is reasonably likely that we are done for 2018.

Epic floods disrupt Wednesday night racing

The Wednesday night race is cancelled due to the Slow-No-Wake from the county.

Photo gallery!

PIZZA, pizza PIZZA And BEER!!!!

Who: MYC sailors and friends

What: All you can eat pizza and beer for $5.00

Where: Tim and Darby Sugar’s house.

When: 6:30 PM.

Why: Because eating pizza, drinking beer and telling sailing stories is so much fun!

Moonlight Race tonight!

The annual moonlight race was set for July 25th.

Wendy's Bloody Mary Party has been rescheduled..

The annual moonlight race was set for July 25th.

The Payton Regatta!

Back-to-back races on Sat/Sun at 10 a.m. The Sunday races count as part of the Summer Series (unless expressly stated otherwise in the SSIs).

The Directories are available!

Avanti wins the Memorial Day race in her first outing...

Avanti wins her first race!

Avanti wins the Memorial Day race in her first outing...

And so it begins...

The 2018 season began with a slow start on Saturday due to very light winds...

Bill Ward’s Legacy Lives On

Bill Shelton was the main caretaker for Bill Ward after his accident on RC 1 in 2006. Since Bill Shelton passed away 5 months before Bill Ward, there was a need for someone else to look after Bill Ward’s affairs...

Spring Banquet on May 12th!

Club members and guests celebrated the beginning of summer and the upcoming sailing season with fellow sailors at the 2018 Spring Banquet on May 12th. Commodore Gorwitz has graciously hosted the banquet at his home once again.

That's All Folks!

The final races of the Fall Series were a great success. With winds 10-15 with gusts over 20 knots, it was a fun ride!

Photo gallery!

Black helicopters intercept Veloce!

More details as we get them, no reports of any arrests yet!

Wendy's Bloody Mary party...

...has been moved to Grant's Bayside house! The party time will still be from 1pm until 4pm.

Perfect Wednesday Night for Sailing!

With light to medium winds and moderate temperatures, we had great turnout with 28 boats racing!

Photo gallery!

Peyton Regatta Success

With barely enough wind on Saturday and almost too much wind on Sunday, we got in a full slate of races for the Keelboats, 3 races for the E-Scows and a pair of races for the MC-Scows.

Photo gallery!

Sunday Hydraulic Blowout!

Even with some minor technical issues, we did get racing in. Major thanks to Keith Rosenbaum and Tom Teska for making the race possible.

Wednesday Night Racing!

The evening began with a breeze of 10-15 kts for some fun sailing. 22 boats came out representing every fleet.

Photo gallery!



Please note that there are several important changes in the 2017 MYC Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions (NOR/SSI) and in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

We strongly suggest that you review the rules and take note of the several important changes.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had no racing on Saturday due to lack of wind, but Memorial Day was a fun day to be out on the water!

Photo gallery!

2017 Racing Season is On!

After a 24 hour delay brought on by the icky weather rule, MYC had a great start to the sailing season. Six keelboats ventured out into the stout, chilly breeze.

Photo gallery!

Spring Party Success

MYC started the social season on Saturday with a fantastic party at the Gorwitz home. Feauring roast tenderloin, wine, cheese, beer and of course copious amounts of rum!